Courses & Workshops

Sivananda Yoga 1 – Foundations


Develop a solid foundation and increase your confidence in your yoga practice with Sivananda Foundations 1. This course perfect for those who are new to Yoga, new to the Sivananda practice or would like to fine tune their existing practice. During this course, students are guided through the practice step-by-step, offering explanations and corrections of the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Sivananda Foundation courses have a limit of 9 students per course to create a more personal environment, so ensure you sign up early.

Upcoming Foundations Courses:

This course includes 5 classes, meeting every Thursday evening, 5:15pm – 6:45pm – May 17th – June 14th.  Register now!

Cost:   Members $65  |  Non-Members: $70

Please note that Membership is checked during the first class of the course and is required for membership pricing.

Meditation I – Introduction to the Practice of Meditation


In this course, students will learn the basic principles behind the nature of the mind, why meditation is so important and techniques to establish a meditation practice, increase concentration and discernment in everyday life.

Meditation is the most powerful practices in Yoga cultivating greater control of the mind and inner peace which in turn helps relieve stress, emotional turmoil, anxiety, anger and promotes overall well being in mind and body.

Students will be introduced to Mantra (sound vibration) and the practice of Japa  Meditation (repetition of divine sound) to help deepen their practice. Obstacles to meditation and how to overcome them will also be discussed.

Upcoming Meditation I Courses:

Cost:   Members $65  |  Non-Members: $70


Hatha Yoga Workshops


 May 5th, 1230pm: Our core is one of the key elements to a strong and safe practice that is a foundation in all yoga asanas (postures). Join us for a core focused class where we will not only work to strengthen our core, but explore how the core related to the rest of the body when practicing.

This workshop is part of our Hatha Workshop series and is FREE for Members and $15 for Non-Members. Register now!

Mala Making Workshop


May 6th, 12pm -3pm: The mala has become a symbol for inner awareness for yogis around the world.  Designed for japa meditation and fashioned to remind us of our divine inner qualities, it holds the energy in which we put into it. Making your own mala offers the opportunity to infuse each bead with your unique intention and feeling, whether for your self or someone you love. This gives your hand-made give a whole other dimension!

Cost: $50 Includes instruction, supported guidance and the materials for 1 mala (109 beads) to take home. Register now!